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Tomatoes: Why We Wait


BLT“I wait all year for this.” – GCB customer, celebrating her first BLT of the season.

A long time ago, we decided to not waste our time on out-of-season tomatoes.

We just stopped serving them on our sandwiches, explaining to customers that we were willing to wait until tomatoes were ripe and ready tomato slicelocally, because that’s what was most delicious. We hoped they would be willing to wait, too.

We made  tomato relish as a peace offering, something to tide people over until the real deal arrived in July.

Some people weren’t happy. Most understood when we took the time to explain.

This little experiment led to a transformation of our menu, to one where we follow the seasons, which was nothing short of revolutionary for a quick-service bakery/cafe.

Now we know – it’s okay to wait. Because every season has something truly delicious to celebrate. Like crisp apples in the fall, tender asparagus in the spring, that first sweet Northwest strawberry. A fragrant, juicy tomato from a local farm or your back yard is something to celebrate and to savor. Those other tomatoes? You can have ’em. “An out of season tomato is not worth your time,” says our cuisine manager Laura Ohm. “It’s filler.”

Now that it’s tomato season in the Northwest, we invite you to enjoy as many BLTs as you can muster, and to add a thick slice of juicy local tomato to any sandwich for only $1.

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