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The Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Deluxe sandwich

Yes, please: Turkey, bacon, Swiss, avocado, lettuce & Dijon on Whole Wheat.

We love the day after Thanksgiving. The work is done, and the fridge is packed with glorious leftovers – the makings of turkey sandwiches! Sometimes that first sandwich is better than the fancy Thanksgiving meal itself.

In that spirit, we’ve collected ideas for the ultimate turkey sandwich from Grand Central employees.  Remember, a great sandwich starts with great bread. Come into one of our cafes for a fresh loaf, and ask for it sliced.


1. Open-faced and hot, turkey, stuffing, gravy on Potato Bread, cranberry sauce on the side. (Laura H.)

2. Toasted Como, mayo, cranberry sauce, cold turkey, stuffing drizzled w/ warm gravy, lettuce. (Bob K.)

3. Toasted Peasant, turkey, warm stuffing, cheddar, open faced and melted under the broiler. (Donene)

4. Open-faced on toasted Sourdough, light mayo, turkey, stuffing, cran sauce, drizzled with hot gravy. Eat w/ knife and fork. (Ben D.)

5. Buttermilk roll, lots of mayo, lots of black pepper, cold Tofurkey. (Gina)

6. Toasted Calamata Olive bread, aioli, basil, sweet onion, turkey. (Mercy)

7. Turkey, bacon, sundried tomato mayo & avocado on Campagnolo. “This sandwich is what spinach is to Popeye.” (Leo)

8. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce on Multigrain with gravy to dip it in! (Alexandria)

turkey sandwich grand central bakery

Jordan’s “unbeatable” turkey sandwich: Seeded demi-baguette, avocado, turkey, Mama Lil’s peppers, provolone, lettuce.

9. Como, turkey, havarti, mayo & honey mustard. Toast & add lettuce & avocado. (Sarah G.)

10. Como, thick layer of mayo, lettuce and ½-inch slice cold turkey, salted and peppered. (Alan S.)

11. Cold turkey, maple walnut cream cheese, green apple slices, a little brie, lettuce on a croissant or Goldendale white (Abby R.)

12. Cold turkey, mayo, lettuce, cranberry sauce on toasted Como. (Piper D.)

13. Pictured at left: Lightly toasted Seeded Demi-Baguette, avocado, turkey, Mama Lil’s peppers, provolone, lettuce. Unbeatable. (Jordan W.)

14. Goldendale whole wheat, lightly toasted, top with turkey, stuffing, a little mashed potato and gravy.  Warm open face in oven, top with cranberry sauce. (Mur)

15. Toasted and buttered Goldendale topped with mashed potatoes, sliced turkey   breast meat and gravy. A decorous smidge of cranberry sauce on the side. Ideally, served with a chilled bottle of Muscadet to cut through all that fat. (Laura O.)

16. GCB Turkey Deluxe, sub provolone, grilled: Turkey breast, crisp bacon, provolone, sweet onion, lettuce, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise on Whole Wheat. Boom. (Travis)

17. Turkey with smoked gouda, sprouts, avocado and whole grain mustard on a Seeded Demi-baguette! (Rachel I.)

18. Toasty Peasant bread with a bit of warm buttery yam spread on both sides, add a slice of Havarti. Heat through until cheese is melted, add turkey breast  and thin layer of Cranberry Chutney, sprinkle of bread crumbs for crunch, dash of nutmeg. (Kisa)