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Grilled Flatbread on the River


Step 1: Set up camp. Let dough, still in plastic, finish proofing in the warm desert air. Play some music.



Step 2: Break out the dough and a ziploc bag of flour. Stretch the dough, using some flour to keep it from sticking to your hands.



Step 3: Let the dough rest while Bob plays guitar. Stretch it a bit more if you need to.



Step 4. Build a hot fire of juniper coals and charcoal briquettes. Grill bread 4 minutes per side. Lay some foil on top to hold in the heat.

finished bread

Step 5: Dang. Let’s do this again.



the spread

Step 6: Call in your gang for dinner. Feel lucky.

They float the river every year. Same old friends, same essentials: rafts and canoes, guitars, coolers stuffed with food and beer.

Ben cooks, and because his last name is Davis, it’s always good.

This year on the John Day, Ben’s gift to six hungry paddlers was a quick and simple meal: chicken curry (bulk take-out from Swagat) and “instant naan,” starring frozen Grand Central Bakery pizza dough, available at all Grand Central locations in the U-Bake freezer.

Luck tends to follow Ben and Bob Kerr, our finance guru and his longtime pal who helped him open Grand Central in Portland 22 years ago. So the days dawned clear, the music was sweet and the company fine. And the meal? Outstanding, and easy to duplicate.

Follow along at left to see how he did it.

Pro tip: If you plan to make flatbread on your own camping adventure, move the frozen dough to a lunch cooler or slightly warmer spot the morning before you plan to bake it. It will proof as you wander downstream or while the day away on a beach.

While you let the fire get hot, you can cook rice, heat the curry, and make a red cabbage salad.