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At Grand Central Bakery, we value the safety and happiness of our employees and our customers. We’re grateful for the community we share and especially for your trust, and we are committed to transparency as we navigate a global pandemic.

Summary of positive COVID-19 cases reported by our staff: Case List May 14 2021

Visiting our cafes:
We’re happy to be able to serve our customers the delicious fresh products they count on. We are currently take-out only with online ordering and walk-up service 8-3 daily. Our ordering stations have transparent barriers to protect staff and customers. For the safety of all, we require customers to wear a mask at all times when approaching our ordering and pickup areas and interacting with our staff.

Enjoying our bread:
We are confident about the safety of our products and the safe practices our delivery drivers use in getting fresh bread to your grocer. We are fully transparent with our supermarket and restaurant customers about any positive cases and product changes that may result from that. The CDC, FDA, and Department of Agriculture have concluded that food and food packaging is not associated with COVID-19 transmission.

Here are current policies in place to protect our employees and customers from exposure to Covid-19: 

  • Face masks that meet current CDC recommendations are provided and required
  • Pre-shift temperature checks and health monitoring
  • Employees required to stay home if sick; sick pay benefit for employees
  • Frequent sanitation throughout the workday
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed throughout work areas
  • Physical barriers at cafe point-of-sale stations where customers pay
  • 6-foot separation designed/engineered into all work areas possible
  • Staggered starts/breaks for work shifts in production bakeries.
  • Limits on production to ensure employee staffing on any shift stays at safe levels.
  • Employees work from home wherever possible
  • Paid sick time for employees
  • Controlled/restricted entrance to vendors and customers; masks required
  • Daily safety huddles to provide additional education to employees
  • Signs throughout facilities supporting best practices and providing more education as needed
  • Outdoor tables with ample spacing to allow open-air dining

Support for staff members:
Our employees have been supplied cloth face coverings and additional PPE if necessary. Work spaces have been engineered to allow for social distancing. Our facilities have the highest level of air circulation and filtering in place, and our maintenance team is responsive to any safety concerns that are raised. We have maintained above-market pay and generous benefits for any employee working 25 hours or more per week, and staff can access paid time off for work absences due to testing. We communicate promptly about any positive cases to our employees and customers, and we have an internal communications system that can be accessed by employees on and off work. In the event of COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure, we follow consistent protocol and maintain strict employee confidentiality throughout the process. We have a full-time safety manager and a Virus Response Team that meets frequently to consider and make sure our policies reflect the most current information available from local and national health authorities. Employees can access available paid sick time or use the FFCRA should they need to after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Grand Central Bakery Staff Positive COVID-19 Cases:

We have confirmed staff cases of COVID-19 in the following locations:

Case List May 14 2021