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7 Rustic Tart Fillings

What’s juicy, flaky and begs for a big scoop of ice cream? 🥧😋 A rustic fruit tart (also known as a galette). These free-form tarts deliver big with little effort. Let the season be your guide, and have fun baking at home! Pair our favorite fillings with pre-made (or homemade) pastry and you’re on your […]


5 ways to trim food waste at home

TRUE OR FALSE:⁠ Throwing out food feels bad. 😟⁠ It’s bad for your wallet. 💸⁠ It’s really bad for the planet. 🌎🌡⁠ True for all 3, right?⁠ Globally, wasted food accounts for about 8 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions (that’s a lot!). That’s according to the book Drawdown. At our bakeries we’re making progress; […]


A Sweet Way to Recycle Bread

Don’t waste time feeling guilty about throwing away stale bread. Instead, recycle it. It’s easy to use stale slices and end pieces to make delicious desserts like bread pudding, summery panzanella salad, buttery toasted bread crumbs, and more. You’ll save money and also prevent food waste, which increases our carbon footprint and accelerates the impacts […]


6 baking mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Build confidence in the kitchen with advice from our bakers There’s nothing sadder than a dessert disaster. You take precious time from your day to shop, measure, mix and clean up. And somehow you end up with disappointing results. 🤦‍♀️ Meanwhile you’re STILL craving a fresh-from-the-oven treat. With so many recipes and videos out there […]


The Best Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Irish Soda Bread is the kind of recipe that makes you fall in love with baking. The recipe is not fussy or demanding. It’s quick and easy to make, with basic ingredients you likely have on hand. And the results are absolutely delicious. A few tips for getting the most out of our recipe: Use […]


Tips for Making Pizza with our Dough

Grand Central Pizza Dough is easy to use and makes a flavorful crust with lots of character. Follow these tips to make the absolute best pizza with Grand Central Bakery U-Bake Pizza Dough. Watch Piper’s Pizza Video to learn more! Tips for Making Great Pizza With Our Dough: Use minimal toppings. This dough tastes great, […]


5% for immigrant rights on Friday 3/12

Grand Central will donate 5% of sales at all cafe locations on Friday, March 12th to support immigrant rights in Oregon and Washington. Donations collected in Seattle will go to Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP). In Portland they will go to Causa Oregon.  Causa, Oregon’s Latinx immigrant rights organization, works to improve the lives of […]


Portland bakers union contract ratified

On March 1st, employees voted to approve an agreement between Grand Central Bakery and Bakers, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers Local 114, the union that represents 31 bread bakers and dishwashers at the bread production facility in Northwest Portland. Grand Central Bakery currently has 320 employees in Seattle and Portland. The union does not […]


How to Make Better Soup

Few things taste better on a drizzly Northwest day than homemade soup. Soup also is practical and thrifty; it lets you use up what’s in the fridge, and a single batch is enough for several meals. Even better, you can make a double recipe and freeze portions to enjoy later. We make LOTS of soup […]


6 Easy Shortbread Desserts

Turn buttery dough into irresistible cookies and tarts   Classic shortbread dough gives you a head start on homemade cookies and beautiful desserts. You can make your own, or use our pre-made Shortbread Dough to get bakery-perfect results in minutes. Made with flavorful, rich European-style butter, real vanilla, and cane sugar, our U-bake Classic Vanilla […]