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Anatomy of a BLT Sandwich


The genius BLT starts with toasted Como, crisp bacon and a generous amount of Best Foods mayo.

It’s easy to make a BLT, right?

True. But for a BLT that’s truly exceptional, you’ve gotta pay attention to the details. Here’s how we approach it at Grand Central Bakery.

THE BACON.  We like it crisp, but not charred.  From Beeler’s Pure Pork, because it’s delicious AND raised well (no farrowing crates, ample room and humane conditions, vegetarian, never fed growth promoting agents and antibiotics).

THE TOMATO. A 3/8-inch slice of beefsteak tomato, salted and peppered. Beefsteaks, not heirlooms, get our vote because they’re firm yet juicy with balanced sugar and acidity, and remarkably consistent.  From Deep Roots Farm in Albany, Ore. We go through 700 pounds per week in BLT season. Yes, that is a lot of tomatoes!

THE BREAD. It’s Como – our country white loaf – perfectly toasted – color on the toast, but not so toasted that it cuts the roof of your mouth.

THE MAYO. Best Food’s is really the only choice. About a tablespoon per slice. End of story.

THE LETTUCE. Crisp, fresh, clean leaf lettuce, and plenty of it.

EXTRAS. Seriously, you don’t need anything else. But we’ll let you in a wee secret. Breakfast doesn’t get any better than a Grand Central BLT with an over-easy egg. See our Menu.

BLT plus egg

BLT with an egg for breakfast. You won’t be sorry.