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In managing our bakeries around the Northwest, we challenge ourselves to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint and to improve on that year over year.

Clean Air, Healthy Habits

We encourage bike commuting by providing a monthly bike commute reimbursement to eligible employees and by offering safe parking and storage to our bike commuting employees. We recruit new bike commuters every year through Portland’s Bike More Challenge and Seattle’s Bike Everywhere Challenge.

Our fresh bread bound for close-in Portland restaurants is delivered twice daily by cargo bike. 

Reduced Energy Use and Renewables

We reduce the carbon footprint of our workplaces by participating in Portland General Electric’s Clean Wind Power Program, NW Natural’s Smart Energy Program and Puget Sound Energy’s Carbon Balance Program. We employ LED bulbs in our cafes and solar panels at our Portland bread production facility and our Burien bakery-cafe.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

We reduce, reuse, recycle in offices, cafes and kitchens and we rigorously plan in order to minimize food waste at our production facilities and cafes. Any leftover bread or pastry is donated to charitable community organizations.