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Artisan Bread 101: Shaping

We form every loaf by hand at Grand Central Bakery. It’s much harder than it looks and it requires a good deal of skill – the baker is evaluating the quality of the dough that day and determining just how tight or loose to make the loaf in order to achieve a perfect crumb. You’ll […]


Tasting and Testing: Pastry Baker Lee Shiroma

In Grand Central’s commissary kitchen, pastry baker Lee Shiroma works to perfect pastries that greet customers every morning. That means producing the laminated dough for flaky, buttery croissants and danish, making pie dough, cinnamon rolls, and much more. “I’ve been baking for about 20 years. I went to culinary school in Hawaii and trained with a master pastry chef […]


Artisan Bread 101: Mixing

The beautiful loaves you see in our bakeries and your grocery store start in our mix room. That’s where we combine sustainably grown Northwest flour, water, salt and yeast (or pre-ferment, as we call the natural starters we use – pictured at left). It seems like a simple process, but it requires skill, careful judgment and […]


Pride in a perfect loaf: Armando Torres

Armando Torres has honed his craft for 13 years as a bread baker, turning flour, water, salt and yeast into beautiful bread with a dark, crackling crust. He continues to learn the craft and still loves seeing perfect loaves emerge from the hearth oven. “When I see the product come out of the oven, the final product, […]


Tasting Tuesday Schedule

We are pleased to kick off Tasting Tuesdays! Every Tuesday in April and May, we will celebrate a different Grand Central Bakery loaf by offering samples, serving suggestions and $2 loaves of the featured bread. Supplies are limited and the offer runs out when the bread runs out (limit 2 loaves per customer), so come […]


A new landscape in a food desert

When Grand Central’s sales director Margot Leonard got a call from a community-run grocery store in North Portland, she was intrigued. “They wanted to offer affordable, good food in a food desert, where many people have no other options,” she says.  Would Grand Central donate fresh bread for their deli sandwiches? The answer was yes. […]