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Ready with Bread, No Matter What

While the rest of the world sleeps, Francisco Azcorra and his night shift crew are hard at work making sure you have fresh bread in the morning. From 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., he and his team of seven will mix, form and bake all manner of rustic breads and rolls so for early deliveries to Portland-area […]


Anatomy of a BLT Sandwich

It’s easy to make a BLT, right? True. But for a BLT that’s truly exceptional, you’ve gotta pay attention to the details. Here’s how we approach it at Grand Central Bakery. THE BACON.  We like it crisp, but not charred.  From Beeler’s Pure Pork, because it’s delicious AND raised well (no farrowing crates, ample room […]


Tomatoes: Why We Wait

  “I wait all year for this.” – GCB customer, celebrating her first BLT of the season. A long time ago, we decided to not waste our time on out-of-season tomatoes. We just stopped serving them on our sandwiches, explaining to customers that we were willing to wait until tomatoes were ripe and ready locally, because that’s […]


The Best Blueberry Pie

Seriously? The best pie? Well, yeah. We proclaim this the BEST blueberry pie for a couple of reasons: You can make it in the blink of an eye. It tastes like fresh blueberries, and requires only a short bit of baking. It’s a wonderful way to use our all-butter U-Bake Pie Shell. And it has only a […]


What’s in your lunch? Ask a culinary lead

We know you care about what you eat. That’s why your sandwich maker at Grand Central is called a Culinary Lead. Think of them as the experts on everything in your sandwiches and salads. They can explain what chimichurri or caldo verde is, tell you what’s in season and what’s around the corner, discuss how Grand Central’s meats […]


Grilled Flatbread on the River

    They float the river every year. Same old friends, same essentials: rafts and canoes, guitars, coolers stuffed with food and beer. Ben cooks, and because his last name is Davis, it’s always good. This year on the John Day, Ben’s gift to six hungry paddlers was a quick and simple meal: chicken curry (bulk […]


Eating for change: Why Meat Matters

  Last week Grand Central owner Piper Davis took her passion for well-raised meat to New York, joining some pretty heady chef colleagues (Rick Bayless for starters) and 100 diners to explore and taste what responsibly raised meat means, and learn why eating better meat – and less of it – is crucial to public […]


Vegetable Strata

Eggier than its bread pudding sibling, strata can be served as a main course for a brunch or a casual supper. We like to make a version with tender asparagus and leeks and salty bits of prosciutto when the days get warmer in spring. In winter, we add sauteed kale or chard and any leftover roasted vegetables we might have […]


Meet our customers: The Big Egg

When a tiny cart the color of a bright yellow egg yolk arrived on the food scene in 2009, Portland thought it already had breakfast covered. They were wrong. Soon people woke up to The Big Egg and its small but glorious menu of breakfast sandwiches. Lines formed at the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod, critics gushed, […]