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Great food starts with delicious, well-raised ingredients. Whenever possible, we buy from local and sustainable producers. Learn about our Meat Standards and Purchasing Philosophy for ingredients on our Sustainability page.

GCB - Shepherd's Grain


Shepherd’s Grain & Rogers Foods

Our bread starts with sustainably grown unbleached white flour from Rogers Foods, located in the heart of British Columbia’s wheat country, and with Shepherd’s Grain flour that arrives in a rail car straight from the mill in Spokane, Washington. Owners Karl Kupers and Fred Flemming embrace sustainable agriculture techniques on their wheat farms in the Palouse Hills of Eastern Washington. Inspired by the health of their soil and economic success of selling wheat grown responsibly, Karl & Fred have recruited 41 of their neighbors to join them in a cooperative. Their farms are all Food Alliance certified.

Camas Country Mill

Thanks to Tom Hunton and a small, committed group of former grass seed growers, bread bakers have an incredible new product. Camas Country Mills’ hard red spring wheat flour, grown and milled in the Willamette Valley, is now a key ingredient in Grand Central’s whole-grain hearth breads. It’s delivered to our bakeries days after milling. “You can really taste the freshness,” says Grand Central’s Seattle head baker Mel Darbyshire. “Flour that’s a month old isn’t a huge deal, but this has that extra sweetness, and it’s more buttery.” We also use Camas Country’s local Club Wheat flour in pastries and stone-ground Red Floriani heirloom corn in our special Corn Loaf.



GCB - Buttery


Larsen’s Creamery

The local demand for better butter inspired Larsen’s Creamery in Clackamas, Oregon to develop one of the country’s best butters. Made from rBST-free milk produced by grass-fed cows in Western Oregon, Cremerie Classique boasts a high butterfat content and rich cultured flavor that makes it ideal for our flaky croissant, delicious danish, and delicate puff and pie pastry.



GCB - Eggs


Champoeg Farm

Champoeg Farm is located in St. Paul, Oregon, along the banks of the Willamette River. The chickens thrive on grass, bugs and other critters that they find to be delicious – roaming freely in beautiful green pastures. You’ll notice the difference in the color and taste of the sunny orange yolk on your Portland breakfast sandwiches.

Sky Valley Family Farm

Pasture-raised eggs from happy hens. You’ll recognize these organic eggs, featured in our Seattle breakfast sandwiches, by their beautiful, bright yolks and delicious fresh flavor.




Bee Local

In 2011 Bee Local founder Damian Magista began harvesting honey from different historic neighborhoods in Portland, Ore. Today, the company specializes in single-varietal, place-based honeys, each telling the delicious story of a specific place, and specific season. We use this full-flavored honey in our cafes, our breads and in many of our fruit tart fillings.





Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Walk up to the windows of Beecher’s shop, situated in Seattle’s landmark Pike Place Market and witness the transformation from premium rBST-free milk to beautiful and delicious artisan cheeses. Kurt Beecher Dammeier sources all his milk from single herd dairies near Seattle for cheese of unmistakable quality.

Mount Townsend Creamery

Owners Matt Day and Ryan Trail founded their Mount Townsend Creamery on the belief that Pacific Northwest dairy is a regional treasure. They craft cheeses with a sense of place. The Olympic Peninsula has a rich dairy history. Its rolling landscape and rocky soils are more suited to grazing than tilling; a tradition small family run dairies have practiced for the last 150 years.





Oregon Growers

Since 2004, Oregon Growers has been preserving the bounty of local farms in the Willamette and Hood River valleys. Their fruit jams use less sugar than traditional recipes, allowing the flavor of ripe berries, cherries and stone fruit to shine.





Oregon Berries

Oregon has a long and justifiably famous berry season. We source these glorious beauties-strawberries, blackberries, Marionberries, raspberries and blueberries-from a variety of local farms. From May through October, you’ll get a taste of one or more of these berries in coffeecake, on a frangipane tart or in a freshly baked pie.




Apples & Pears

EZ Orchards

The Zielinski family grows some of the best tasting apples and pears on the planet in their Salem, OR orchard. From September through February we follow their harvest and put assorted apples and pears in pies, tarts, coffeecake and in whatever else we can showcase them.





Big “B” Farms & Willamette Valley Fruit

Every year we look forward to the start of rhubarb season. It’s ruby-red color and intense, sweet-tart flavor make it the perfect spring antidote for a tired winter palate. That’s why we are glad that Big “B” Farms in Aurora, OR and Willamette Valley Fruit supply us all season long.






Portland Area Farms

We are lucky to live in a climate conducive to growing an abundance of vegetables. Local farms, including Creative GrowersGathering TogetherSauvie Island OrganicsGroundwork OrganicsYour Kitchen Garden and Deep Roots Farm supply us with salad greens, leaf lettuce, and much of the seasonal produce used in our made-from-scratch soups. You’ll notice that our soups and salads change with the seasons, representing the best of what NW Oregon has to offer.

Fall City Farms

When Debbie and Rob Arenth opened Fall City Farms 18 years ago, they sold 49 cents of produce. Luckily for all of us, they persevered and we have the good fortune to use the produce raised by this hard-working couple out of Fall City, WA in Seattle.




Imported Specialty Foods


While working as the sous chef at Portland’s Zefiro restaurant in the early 1990’s Joe Guth was frustrated by the lack of specialty food items available in Portland’s wholesale marketplace. Portland’s burgeoning food scene and Joe’s desire to have access to high quality staples such as olive oil, chocolate, nuts and heirloom beans led him to imagine Provvista. His simple objective – to distribute food products of the best quality at a fair price – has made Provvista a vital vendor for Portland’s favorite restaurants.

Alexis Foods

Importers and distributors of high-quality ingredients from Greece, Spain, Italy and France and the best local and sustainable products. Established by restaurateur Alexis Bakouros in 1987, this family-owned company fills our pantry with great ingredients and remains devoted to service, integrity and hard work.



Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Bacon

Our pork is locally sourced from Jerry Foster and Heritage Meats in Rochester, Wash. We buy whole organic chickens (never parts) from Mary’s Chicken and Scratch Farms.

Our turkey is pasture-raised at Champoeg Farm in St. Paul, Ore., using a graze-rest-grow  rotational model during the spring and summer growing season. Along with the fresh air and sunshine, the birds are fed a ration of local wheat, oats, alfalfa, soy and corn, as well as minerals and vitamins.  They are moved to a new area of pasture every week, providing them fresh forage and lots of space. Thanks to these sustainable growing methods, the meat on your turkey sandwich is rich in flavor and nutrients, all natural and antibiotic-free.

We buy our sustainably raised bacon from the farmers at Beeler’s Pure Pork





Carman Ranch

In a glacier-carved valley in Northeast Oregon, Cory Carman and Dave Flynn produce 100% grass-fed beef free of hormones and antibiotics. Close attention to the cattle and the land produces tender, delicious beef.  We’re pleased to offer this fantastic product from fourth-generation ranchers committed to the care of their herd and the natural environment.

Heritage Meats

Tracy Smaciarz is an artisan butcher who works with independent small Northwest ranches and specializes in locally grown grass-fed and grass-finished beef and other high-quality sustainable meat products.



The Tao of Tea & Smith Teamaker

Pure leaf teas made with flavor, artistry and soul. Both of these Portland-based companies dedicated to sourcing exceptional-tasting pure leaf teas grown sustainably and processed with old-style methods.





Victrola Coffee Roasters & Nossa Familia Coffee

Grand Central sources their beans locally from Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle and Nossa Familia Coffee in Portland. They are both passionate vendors dedicated to direct sourcing, sustainable business practices, and most importantly, great coffee and espresso.




Dragonfly Chai

Stop by one of our cafes and enjoy a warm, spicy chai! Dragonfly Chai is hand-crafted in Portland, OR using organic, fair-trade teas and spices. You’ll taste the difference that small-batch production and quality ingredients make in every tasty sip.





World Spice Merchants

Inspired by his exposure to global kitchens during his extensive travels around the world, Tony Hill founded World Spice Merchants in 1994. Now it’s Amanda Biell who travels the globe searching for the spices we use to inspire our favorite culinary creations.





Kettle Foods

Headquartered in Salem, OR, Kettle Foods focuses on “green” and sustainable business practices. They also, happily, make a crunchy, deliciously-addictive chip.





Columbia Gorge Organic

Brothers Ronny and Jimmy Stewart created Columbia Gorge Organic after realizing the juices they were concocting from fruit raised on their family farm were just too good to keep to themselves. Located in Hood River, Oregon, Columbia Gorge Organic has been a leader in sustainable growing practices since 1989.





Our bakers and cooks bring tremendous pride, dedication and skill to their jobs and it shows.

Edible Portland : local food hero award

Grand Central Bakery is a proud winner of the 2013 Local Food Hero award, given by Edible Portland to businesses who set high standards with their environmental and social practices and dedicate themselves to building a robust food system in the Pacific Northwest.