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More bread, more joy: Angelo Desarno

Angelo Desarno honed his baking skills in Pittsburgh.

Angelo Desarno, a swing shift baker in Portland, honed his baking skills in Pittsburgh.

At the end of the day, the craft of baking great artisan bread is about happiness. Baker Angelo Desarno takes basic ingredients – flour, salt and water – and uses time and fermentation to turn them into loaves of pure joy.

Hometown: Scranton, Pa.

Years as a baker: 11

Background: Studied graphic design in college, switched to baking as a career after working at Allegro Hearth Bakery in Pittsburgh, where he honed his craft. Moved west three years ago.

On the baking life: “It’s nice to come to work and have everybody be in a good mood all the time. Everybody here actually enjoys their job. It’s a really satisfying occupation – you take your basic ingredients, the elements of nature, and create something for everybody to enjoy. It’s satisfying at the end of the day.”

Favorite bread: Whole wheat multigrain.

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